1. What is codezilla?

  2. Codezilla is a website for practicing and taking part in programming competitions and its purpose is progression of all programmers around the globe.

  3. Who can participate in Codezilla contests?

  4. Students who want to practice for olympiad in informatics or ACM ICPC and all Enthusiasts.

  5. What should I do to solve problems in website?

  6. Only thing you have to do is to submit your code through "Submit solution" page (in "Problems" section).

  7. What should I do to participate in the contests? Should I register?

  8. No, there's no registrations needed. Any time during a contest you can enter the contest area and try to solve the problems.

  9. What are Codezilla rules?

  10. 1. Every user should have one account. If you've forgotten your password, reset it.
    2. You can not talk about the problems of running contest (in private or public).
    3. Cheating in contests is forbidden.
    4. During a contest you can not use your or any persons's old codes.
    5. Submitting any suspicious or spam code is forbidden.
    6. Each account can only belong to one user and multiple users can not use the same account.
    7. Using the materials of website without mentioning its origin is illegal.
    Breaking any of these rules causes permanent banishment.

  11. Which programming languages are available?
    C, C11, C++, C++11, Visual C++, Mono C#, MS C#, Java 7, Java 8, Delphi, FPC, PHP, Python 2.7, Python 3.4

  12. What are rating and grade?

  13. A user's rating is his/her measure of his action in Codezilla contests. Such that after each contest each participant's rating will be updated according to his/her result in the contest.
    Also, users are divided to groups due to according to their rating. Users in each group have a special color and grade:

    • Admins have grade "Admin" and have black color.
    • Users who have not participated in any contest yet have grade "Newcomer" and gray color.
    • Users with rating less than 1200 have grade "Noob" and green color.
    • Users with rating greater than 1199 and less than 1500 have grade "Fish" and light blue color.
    • Users with rating greater than 1499 and less than 1700 have grade "Hot" and dark blue color.
    • Users with rating greater than 1699 and less than 1900 have grade "Pro" and purple color.
    • Users with rating greater than 1899 and less than 2200 have grade "Scary" and orange color.
    • Users with rating greater than 2199 have grade "Bug" and red color.
      Newcomers have rating equal to 1500.

  14. What is a contest division?

  15. Every contest has its own division:

    • Div.1: Only users with rating greater than 1699 can take part.
    • Div.2: Only users with rating less than 1700 can take part.
    • Normal: All users can take part.

  16. To contact admins about holding contests, sponsoring, messages, bug, etc. use the "Contact us" page.